Ness Ziona was founded in 1883 as a settlement of Jewish farmers and laborers came over mainly from Eastern Europe. Throughout the years the farming community supported itself mainly through agriculture. Since then the industry has grown and developed into a modern city with progressive education, new spacious neighborhoods, and a high-tech industrial park; all while still maintaining its special "small village" atmosphere. This is the basis for our slogan: "Ness Ziona, a city with the heart of a farming community".     

In recent years Ness Ziona has seen achievements and accomplishments in numerous fields including education, cultural activities, sports, welfare, the city's appearance, improved infrastructures, personal safety and law enforcement. Its residents enjoy a high quality of life and a carefully tended living environment that is quiet, clean and of course green.

Ness Ziona is a town where residents, businesses, organizations and the local authority all band together to ensure it is a great place, both to live in and visit.